Update Your Practice Before Appraisal

If you are preparing to sell your practice, the appraisal of your business can be a large source of stress. All your hard work is assessed and transformed into a numerical value, and you want the number to reflect what you deserve.

The appraiser factors in your accounts, assets, and goodwill, but your office’s appearance plays a role in the final figure as well. Before your appraisal, Crossroads Healthcare Transitions recommends that you update your practice for the best outcome.

healthcare practice appraisal

Complete Necessary Repairs

Part of the appraisal process involves inspecting your office and determining the worth of the property. To prepare for the appraisal, you want to make sure your office is in good shape.

This means completing repairs to the structure that may have been neglected. If you see any cracks in the walls or lighting concerns, an appraiser will spot them too. A contractor can work with you to make these necessary repairs.

Freshen Your Office

Refreshing the appearance of your practice beyond necessary repairs can boost the value of your office. A beautiful waiting room can make a great impression with the appraiser, as well as your patients.

A fresh coat of paint on your walls or doors can make your facilities seem cleaner and more appealing. Good lighting in the space can also give the office more charm and character. You should also ensure the office is tidy and clear of trash or debris.

Upgrade Your Exterior

The exterior of your practice is the first impression an appraiser will get, so you should make sure it looks its best if you own the property. Landscaping design can enhance the appearance of your building and inherently boost its value too.

You should also check that your siding and windows are in good shape and reach out to a contractor if they could use an upgrade. Proper exterior lighting can make your employees and customers feel safer, especially before and after the sun sets. Safety, as well as appearance, can factor into an appraisal.

Schedule an Appraisal with Crossroads

Crossroads Healthcare Transitions helps clients sell their dental or medical practice, including offering assistance with practice appraisals. We also help individuals intending to buy a healthcare practice. To schedule a call with our team about your practice, contact our office online or learn more about us on our social media pages.