Building an Online Presence for Your Dental Practice

Before you can sell your dental practice, you have to make sure your practice is out there. Making sure you have an online presence is crucial. Buyers want a practice that they know is established in the community and is marketing to the right people. Below, Crossroads Healthcare Transitions highlights how to build your practice’s online presence.selling a healthcare practice

Have a Quality Website

Your practice’s website should be eye-catching, engaging, and user-friendly. It can’t be something that you make quickly and never update. You want patients that are young and can establish a relationship with you as their local dentist for years to come. This means having a website that’s appealing and easy to navigate.

Having quality content is key. Link to outside sources that are credible and establish your practice as an authority on dental subjects. Patients want to know exactly what to expect from the services you offer. You also want to make sure the site is mobile-friendly, as you should expect many potential patients to be finding you on their phones. When you’re selling a healthcare practice, buyers are attracted to an established online presence and will appreciate having the bones of a solid website.

Optimize for Search Engines

Make sure that your practice is easy to find. If someone is searching for a “dental office near me”, you want to be the option that pops up first. The content on your site should be optimized for search engines, and pay per click advertising can help you as well. When someone is searching, it’s rare that they go past the first page or two of results. You need to be on one of those two pages.

Your search engine optimization and overall online presence can be taken into consideration for a healthcare practice appraisal. Your business is potentially worth more if you have strong rankings that the buyer can build on and take advantage of. This gives them a solid foundation to make sure the practice name is out there and people know about it.

Interact on Social Media and Reviews Sites

Social media wasn’t something that dental practices had to worry about even 10 years ago. Now, it’s almost expected. Patients and potential patients want to be able to find information about your hours and services quickly. They also may be more likely to ask questions there than to call. Make sure you’re posting regularly on social media and interact with people on the posts.

Reviews sites can make or break the practice. You should also engage with reviewers on these sites. One bad review can make things difficult for your practice. Tell your side of the story and reach out to the person that left the review to see if you can make things right. A buyer for the practice isn’t going to want a business that has a bad reputation.

Ensuring You Can Sell Your Dental Practice

The team at Crossroads Healthcare Transitions can help you make sure your practice is appealing and ready for potential buyers. Call us or schedule a call online!