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Whether you are ready to consider purchasing a dental practice or planning for a future sale of your current practice, it all starts with a conversation. Connect with our team of experts to discuss your current and future goals.

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  • All the resources you need to buy the dental practice of your dreams! Get started by completing our Buyer Survey and view practice listings.
  • Need someone on your side to buy a practice that we don’t represent? No problem, schedule time to discuss our flat fee Buyer Representation to make sure you are represented through closing.

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This is not just your practice, this is your legacy. Our team makes selling your practice to the right people as easy as possible and a highly complicated process smooth.

Selling Your Dental Practice


Not ready to sell your practice yet? See where you stand with a practice appraisal, the first step in building the best transition. Connect with our team of experts to discuss your current and future goals.

Practice Appraisals
Steve Steinbrunner

Steve Steinbrunner

President of Crossroads Healthcare Transitions

Steve brings over 25 years of healthcare experience to Crossroads Healthcare Transitions.  Having appraised and sold practices since 2016, Steve has learned first-hand what works and what does not. Steve will personally work with all clients and the transition begins and ends with him.

Meet Steve
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Our team connects buyers and sellers to transition legacies and careers.

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Determining value: what is your practice worth?

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The art & science of connecting buyers & sellers.

Our team takes the stress out of transitioning your practice legacy.

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Getting The Most From The Practice You Built
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Experienced Advice and Support

Our team specializes in all aspects of buying and selling healthcare practices.

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Getting Your Practice Appraised

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